Jon Yao

Jon hails from the San Gabriel Valley, specifically the city of Walnut. He is a Taiwanese-American chef who has been awarded Food and Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef and a nomination for Rising Star from the James Beard Foundation.


Daniel Kim

Although he was born and raised in California, Daniel would visit his mother in Seoul, who owns the restaurant Congdu. He spent his time there washing dishes and helped with minor prep. After finishing his studies in Food Science, Daniel decided to move down to Los Angeles to begin his career in the food industry.



Nikki Reginaldo

Nikki is a Filipino-American from the San Gabriel Valley. While studying her degree in Business and Hospitality, Nikki was a Project Manager for a brewery, an Office Manager for a wedding photography firm, and a Marketing Manager for an IT company. Her dedication to hospitality has stemmed from the joy of making others feel warm and welcome in a restaurant setting.